When you go into the garage and push the button on the opener, you can hear the lifter trying to work but something is broken and the door isn’t going up. You can now either just leave the car outside and use the front door for the next few days until you get the door fixed, or you can pull the latch that releases the lifter mechanism. This will give you the ability to open the door manually, but it will not be locked or able to be locked until you get the door fixed. You go inside and begin looking online for “garage door repair” in your area.

There are lots of companies that offer garage door repair, some of them are big companies and some are obviously smaller. Some have names you recognize because they are part of companies that offer other things and some are specialized and do nothing else. When you begin calling around for an estimate on the repair, you notice that many of these companies are going to charge you a service fee that gets credited back if you use them to do the repair. This is the way they make sure that you use them, because now even if they are charging more than everyone else you are going to have to pay them for the estimate.

Always go with the best door repair company in Vancouver that do not charge you for the estimate visit, and use small companies that specialize in garage door repair. You are going to need to get this taken care of as soon as possible to get your life back to normal, so do it right the first time. Every garage door opener is going to break sooner or later, so when yours finally does it is best to have a plan to get it fixed.

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